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Carrots, as a root vegetable, soak up a lot of minerals like potassium & calcium from deep in the soil. They are also the best natural source of beta carotene (which your body converts to vitamin A – almost 700% of your RDA of it in one serving of raw carrots!!!).


Carrots will store for a surprisingly long time in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Keep them in a plastic bag to ensure crispness.


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Cooking & Eating Tips

  • Grate and add to stir fries and fried rice dishes (think fried rice with lots of carrots, daikon and cabbage).
  • Grate and add to muffins or carrot cake.
  • Grate on top of granola or muesli in the morning (trust us – it’s good!).
  • Soups like ginger carrot or curried carrot-sweet potato (see recipe to the left) are great way warm up on a cold winter night.
  • Bake peanut-butter-carrot cookies (see recipe to the left).
  • Make a classic carrot-raisin salad.
  • Make a carrot “raita”–plain yogurt, mint, spices  to serve with Indian dishes.
  • Add to veggie sushi. Carrot + avocado.
  • Brown sugar-glazed carrots.
  • Add them to banana bread.
  • Make carrot pickles (see recipe)
  • Steam them, and mash them into mashed german butterball potatoes.
  • Roast them with salt, pepper, rosemary, mash them and add to a homemade pasta sauce.
  • Juice them with apples and limes.