We grow a few different types of organic cabbage, which you can see in the picture to the right. Clockwise from the very top:

Napa Cabbage: a Chinese style cabbage that is light, crisp and mild flavored.
Red Cabbage: we grow this primarily in the fall and store it through the early winter months.
Green Storage Cabbage: another fall and winter staple: the most “cabbage-y” of our cabbages.
Green Savoy Cabbage: a uniquely textured mid summer cabbage that is very delicious and fresh tasting.
Sweetheart Cabbage: a super tender and sweet fresh cabbage that we fell in love with a few years back.


All cabbages store best in the crisper drawer of your fridge. The nice thing about cabbage is even when the outer leaves get funky, you can just peel off until you get to the nicer center. You can also cut off chunks of a cabbage as you need it (if you are unable to eat it all at once). Most cabbages will store for a couple of months, but you’ll want to use the spring and summer cabbages like Sweetheart and Green Savoy faster.



Cooking & Eating Tips

Sweetheart is the perfect cabbage for eating fresh in coleslaw or on tacos in place of lettuce. Napa Cabbage is great in asian style coleslaws or stir fries. Green Savoy makes for a wonderful full-bodied coleslaw. Green Cabbage is great for cooking and in casseroles such as Colcannon (see recipe). Reach for the red cabbage when you are making fish tacos.