Winter Vegetable Fried Rice

Save Print Winter Vegetable Fried Rice Author: Dani Lind Recipe type: Main Dish Serves: 4   Ingredients 1 cippolini onion, minced 1 carrot, cut into small dice 1 parsnip, cut into small dice ½ beauty heart radish, cut into small dice 1 Tbsp. each garlic & ginger, minced 2 cups kale, de-ribbed & finely chopped 3+ Tbsp. peanut […]

Veggies & Peanut Sauce

Save Print Veggies & Peanut Sauce Author: Dani Lind Recipe type: Main Dish Serves: 4-6   This is a great recipe to use up miscellaneous vegetables – anything from broccoli to winter squash to root vegetables like beets and carrots. Ingredients 5 cups mixed vegetables, cut into bite sized pieces 4 Tbsp. natural peanut butter (crunch preferably) 3 […]

Spicy Stir-Fried Tsoi-Sim

Save Print Spicy Stir-Fried Tsoi-Sim Author: Dani Lind Recipe type: Side Dish Serves: 2-3   Ingredients 1 bunch Tsoi Sim (or equivalent amount of other coarse greens, like pea vine, kale, collard greens or even radish tops) 1 Tbsp. Drfitless sunflower oil ¼ tsp. whole coriander seed (optional) 2 Tbsp. green garlic, coarsely chopped 1 Tbsp. rice vinegar […]

Tempura Vegetables

Save Print Tempura Vegetables Author: Dani Lind Recipe type: Main Dish   Use this recipe for a wide variety of vegetables – it’s stunning, impressive, delicious & really highlights each vegetables uniqueness. Ingredients Batter: 1 egg ½ c. ice water 1½ c. white all-purpose or cake flour 4-5 cups of mixed cut vegetables (any desired amount of […]

Vietnamese Root Slaw

Save Print Vietnamese Root Slaw Author: Dani Lind Recipe type: Side Dish Cuisine: Vietnamese   Ingredients 4½ cups grated mixed root vegetables of choice (such as daikon radish, carrots, beets, turnips, etc.) ½ cup red onions, diced 1 small hot or sweet pepper, seeded & minced ¼ c. fresh cilantro, chopped (optional) 4 Tbsp. rice vinegar 1 Tbsp. […]