Our go-to type of sweet corn is bi-color, which is a type (not variety) of sweet corn that has both yellow and white kernels. Bi-color has become a favorite for roadside stands and while not the sweetest of the sweet corns, is by far the tastiest (in our opinion).


Keep your corn cold! Once picked, the sugars in sweet corn start turning into starch; and keeping your ears in the fridge helps to slow this process down. Store with the husks on for no more than a week. Don’t forget: you CAN freeze sweet corn very easily by simply blanching the ears (boil rapidly for 4 minutes and then plunge in a ice water bath), then cut the kernels off the cob and transfer to a freezer bag.

Cooking & Eating Tips

Yes, of course the best way to eat sweet corn is to shuck it, boil it and the slather with butter and salt. But, this isn’t the only way! You can grill it (husks on, but before you place on the grill, you can peel them back and pull as much of the silks out as you can. Then cover the cob back up with the husks as best you can and throw on the grill. You also need to try the Eloté recipe  – it is A-maize-ing!