Have a vacation planned this season? Need to go out of town for a family emergency? Have a hectic weekend ahead and no time to pick up your CSA box? Hey, we get it! Life is busy. That’s why we’re offering you the option to reschedule your CSA delivery. Our system has dubbed this a HOLD. Here’s how it works:

  • Rescheduling is for the REGULAR SEASON ONLY. At this time, we can only accommodate Every Week and Every Other Week member requests. If you have a different kind of share and need to reschedule a box, please shoot us an e-mail and we’ll work with you to figure something out.
  •  You can reschedule up to FOUR boxes per season.  Please complete your hold/reschedule request no later than the Sunday before your delivery.  You must choose the new date at the time that you reschedule.
    – Every Week members will get two boxes on the make up box date they choose.
    – Every-other-week members will either get a single box, if they choose a week they aren’t scheduled to pick up OR two boxes if they choose a week that they are scheduled to pick up.
  • You can also donate your box! If you know you’ll miss a delivery, instead of rescheduling your box, you also have the option to donate your box. Just ‘Donate Held Share’ box on the Hold Page.

Ready to submit a Hold (reschedule a box)? Just login in to your account here:

And follow these directions:

1.) After you log in, click on the “Schedule” a new vacation hold link.

2.) Select the week you that you can’t pick up your box using the “Starting Week” drop down menu.

3.) Select the week that you would like to receive a makeup box using the “Makeup Box Week?” drop down menu. If you’d like to donate your share instead, simply check the “Donate Your Missed Share?” box.

4.) Click the “Schedule Action” box on the bottom of the screen. You’ll receive an e-mail confirming that you’ve submitted a Schedule Request. And that’s it! Voila! You can view your scheduled holds/scheduling requests by clicking on the “Holds” link again on the menu of your member portal.

Feeling overwhelmed with this process? If you’re struggling with submitting your own hold (scheduling request), don’t sweat it! Simply e-mail us at csainfo@driftlessorganics.com and we’ll be happy to help you out. Just be sure to give us a few days notice so we can plan accordingly. Questions about anything else?? Don’t be shy – e-mail us. We don’t bite.