Believe it or not, but there is a population of human beings who say “I hate onions.” If you find yourself in that community, the Scallion is the path that will take you to the road of gratitude  for the Onion. Scallions are milder than onions, for one thing. But most importantly, one sheds fewer tears chopping scallions. Actually, what’s even more important is that scallions are a simple way to satiate the body’s need for cancer-fighting bioflavonoids. They also increase the levels of an enzyme that’s known to remove toxins in blood cells. Now, if you have toxic people in your face, a raw scallion might aid in removing them from your space.


Store  scallions wrapped in damp paper towel in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer of the fridge. Or put in a glass jar with an inch of fresh water and place in the windowsill. Use scallions before the greens get limp, usually within a few days to a week, or more. Get a second life out of scallions if by cutting off the last inch of each onion (the white part with the roots) and planting it!


Cooking & Eating Tips

Chop up scallions and add them as a garnish to a fresh greens salad, or in a stirfry, or over a bowl of soup. If your grill is already going, why not throw some lightly oiled scallions on it; yes, the whole thing (trim off the part of green that seems really touch, and the tip with the roots, but the white and much of the green is all good). Scallions can be used in place of onions quite often, and serve as an exquisite garnish. Or just eat them raw! The white part will be sweet, and you’ll get those bioflavonoids.