First of all, let’s explain what the garlic scape is. It’s the shoot that grows up through the soil from the garlic bulb, but before it hardens into the garlic stalk. When the scape is pliant and curls around, it is pinched off the bulb to allow the plant to focus more energy, so to speak, on the bulb’s growth. (So by pinching off the scape, you will have a larger garlic bulb, and a little treat to enjoy in the meantime.) The scape is a little milder than raw garlic. Health benefits of garlic are myriad; it’s excellent for improving heart and immune system health with antioxidant properties. Garlic promotes healthy blood circulation. This is because garlic’s effects are cellular: it helps with the regeneration of cells that help fight illness. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. But what’s most important is that it’s delicious!


Store garlic scape in the fridge for up to a week. To preserve the garlic scape, freezing is an easy method: blanch them (quick boil for 60 seconds), followed by an ice bath.  Garlic bulbs (before the cloves are separated from the mass) can keep for several months when stored at room temperature in a dry, dark place that has ample air circulation. Unlike garlic scape, you don’t want to refrigerate garlic.


Cooking & Eating Tips

Garlic. What don’t you do with it? Make magic out of scrambled eggs by adding some diced garlic and onions. Drizzle sunflower oil over a clove of garlic with it’s top cut off, loosely seal in some foil, and bake at 350 degrees until you can smell it’s aroma, and you just made roasted garlic to liven up a loaf of French bread or mashed potatoes. Cook it up whole or minced to add depth to any dish. Garlic brings a bland dish to life with little effort on your part. Eat it raw, and you might instantly kill that cold sneaking up on you.