Ok,  so I know there’s probably some of you out there who think they don’t like beets – I used to be one of you!!! – but they really are so fantastic tasting (they have the highest sugar content of any vegetable), aesthetically satisfying (that deep red color is simply unmatched in the vegetable world), & nutritious (high in folate, manganese, potassium, & fiber) that you simply must give them another chance.


If your beets come in a bunch (with the tops on), remove the tops and store them separately (in plastic, as you would any cooking green). Store the beets in your crisper drawer – where they should keep for at least a month.


Cooking & Eating Tips

What made me finally fall in love with beets many years ago was slicing them into thick half-moons and roasting them (uncovered) in olive oil and a bit of water with rosemary & fresh garlic. Holy cow – they get so sweet and delicious I could eat them every day. These roasted beets make a great side dish to Greek or Italian meals. They’re even great cold as left-overs. Beets are also delicious grated on top of salads or juiced with carrots, apples, & lemon. There is absolutely no reason to peel fresh organic beets. As if all of that weren’t enough, the greens are edible & super-nutritious too! Simply cook them like (& combine them with) any other leafy green – steam, saute, wilt, etc..