Farmers Market

We will be attending the Indoor Market at the Monona Terrace THIS Saturday, December 16th. 7:30am – 12pm

For information about the location and dates of the indoor market, click HERE.

What we hope to be bringing:

Beauty Heart Radishes
Butternut Squash
Carrots in 3lb bags
Carrots in 5lb bags
Driftless Gems: Baby Blue, Red & Yellow Potatoes
German Butterball Potatoes
Gold & Red Beets
Green Savoy Cabbage
Purple Daikon Radishes
Purple Top Turnips
Purple Viking Potatoes
Red Cabbage
Red Onions
Red Potatoes
Scarlet Turnips
Sweet Potatoes
Yellow Onions
Yellow Potatoes
We hope to see you there!


Don’t forget: you can save some money and help support the farm by purchasing Driftless Organics Market Cards. Get $55 worth of produce from our stand for $50!! Click HERE to purchase your very own.



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