Frequently Asked Questions

Driftless Organics CSA FAQs

What’s the difference between your Every-Week Share and the Every-Other-Week Share?

The Every-Week Share is a full sized box delivered once a week and is a total of 20 boxes. The Every-Other-Week Share is the same sized box, only delivered every other week for a total of 10 boxes. People have found that this option is a great introduction to the CSA program. It is a very manageable amount of produce that can easily be eaten over the course of 2 weeks.

How long does your CSA go for?

We have a 20 week CSA season that runs from the first week of June until the last week of October. In addition, you can purchase “storage boxes”, with one being delivered in the middle of November and the next in mid-December.

How many people does a share feed?

This is a TOUGH question, and it really depends on your eating habits. Do you fix a lot of your own meals? Are you a vegetarian or do you incorporate vegetables into most of your meals? A full share will feed a family of four who have ‘normal’ veggie eating habits.

What if I go on vacation and can’t pick up my box?

If you are an Every-Other-Week share holder and can’t pick up your box, you can simply let us know and we will switch you to a week that works for you (this is a perk that makes us a truly unique CSA farm). If you are an Every-Week Share holder, than we ask that you try to find someone to pick up your box or let us know and we can make sure your box makes it to a local food shelf.

Do you offer a half-sized or mini box?

We don’t. We have found that half share holders just miss out on too many of the great veggies we have to offer. For folks that feel a full share is too much to eat, we suggest the Every-Other-Week box.

Do you offer any sort of payment plan?

You can either pay for the whole amount up front or pay half upon sign up and the remaining half on July 1st.

How does the HMO rebate thing work?

If you are a CSA member who lives in the Madison area and belong to one of four HMOs, you may be eligible for a rebate on your CSA share. Click HERE for more information.

Can we come for a visit?

You sure can! We welcome visits and will happily give you a tour of our farm. We also have a Harvest Party every fall and all CSA members are invited!

Are you certified organic?

We most certainly are, and have been since 1992.

How do I order?

It’s super easy! Just click HERE.

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